T & B Engineering, Inc.

Practical Solutions for all types of structures.


Our Firm Consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals whose ultimate goal is to provide efficient and practical solutions for all types of structures, regardless of the scale or complexity of the design. Our firm fully recognizes the importance of, and is dedicated to, providing quality services that focus on a complete awareness of client needs and priorities.


Meet Our Team

Mark Ballou, President

Mark Ballou's role as President at T & B Engineering, Inc. is absolutely pivotal to the organization's success. He posses over 40 solid years of valuable architectural and structural engineering knowledge, wisdom and experience. In this high-ranking position, he not only efficiently manages the administrative aspects but also plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the office. His responsibilities are multifaceted and extend to a variety of crucial tasks that ensure the smooth functioning of the company. One of his key functions is to evaluate and propose responses to RFP (Request for Proposal) submissions. This is a critical aspect of the business, as it involves making strategic decisions on which projects the company should pursue and invest its resources in. Mr. Ballou's expertise in this area is vital in guiding the company towards profitable and impactful projects. Furthermore, his role involves maintaining close and effective communication with key personnel within the company, including Peter Ravenkamp, SE, Principal, as well as Project Engineers and BIM Project Managers. By staying in close contact with these team members, Mr. Ballou ensures that all projects are on track, and potential issues can be addressed promptly. This level of coordination and communication is a hallmark of effective project management and contributes to the company's overall efficiency and success. I strive to deliver innovative, high-quality, and budget-conscious solutions that meet and exceed the diverse needs of our valued clients across various sectors. My professional mission is to uphold the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability in the industry, and to keep T & B Engineering Inc at the forefront of engineering excellence.


Peter Ravenkamp, S.E. Principal

As one of the principals at T & B Engineering, Mr. Ravenkamp excels in his role by managing the office's daily responsibilities while also serving as the firm's lead structural engineer. In this capacity, he is entrusted with overseeing the entire design and construction phases of the company's projects. With a remarkable 19 years of continuous practice in the field of structural engineering, Mr. Ravenkamp brings extensive expertise to the table.  Throughout his professional career, Mr. Ravenkamp has successfully designed and managed a diverse range of projects, including municipal, institutional, commercial, and entertainment structures. His proficiency extends to seismic retrofitting, where he has gained valuable experience working with non-reinforced masonry buildings and historic structures. Such expertise allows him to address the unique challenges associated with retrofitting existing structures.  Together, Mr. Ravenkamp and his firm acknowledge the importance of providing cost efficient and practical engineering solutions without compromising the goal of fulfilling the client’s priorities and needs.